our financial policy

Thank you for choosing us as your health care provider.  We are committed to your treatment being successful.  Please understand that payment of your bill is considered a part of your treatment.  The following is a statement of our Financial Policy, which we require you to read and sign prior to treatment.  All patients must complete our Information and our Insurance Agreement forms before seeing the doctor.

Full payment is due at the time of service.
We accept cash, checks, or Visa, MasterCard, Discover.
We offer a financial service through Care Credit.

A service charge of 1.5% per month (18% APR) will be added to all overdue accounts.  Accounts are considered overdue after 60 days.  You are also liable for all legal and collection fees.

Regarding Insurance

We may accept assignment of your insurance benefits after your second visit.  However, we do require your estimated percentage of the bill to be paid at the time of service.  The balance is your responsibility whether your insurance company pays or not.  We cannot bill your insurance company unless you give us your insurance information.  Your insurance policy is a contract between you and you insurance company.  We are not a party to that contract.  If your insurance company has not paid for account in full within 60 days, the balance will automatically be the patient’s responsibility.  Please be aware that some of the services provided may be non-covered services and not considered reasonable and necessary under the Insurance Program and/or other dental insurance. We may be able to submit for a pre-authorization to possible help determine if a procedure is covered and what your estimated out of pocket expense is.

Usual and Customary Rates

Our practice is committed to providing the best treatment for our patients and we charge what is usual and customary for our area.  You are responsible for payment regardless of any insurance company’s arbitrary determination of usual and customary rates.

Minor Patients

The adult accompanying a minor and the parents (or guardians of the minor) are responsible for full payment.  For unaccompanied minors, non-emergency treatment will be denied unless charges have been pre-arranged with a parent or guardian of the minor.